PD / Prof. (w1 2008-2017) Dr. Cornel Zwierlein


Workshops and Events since 2018 of the DFG-Heisenberg Stipendium (GZ Zw 164-6/1, since 1.1.2020 Heisenberg-Stelle at the FU Berlin GZ Zw 164-8/1 ) ´Close Distance. A History of Knowledge of European Merchant Colonies in the Levant, seventeenth to nineteenth Century´  


In 2020, a conference will be organized within this project´s framework, in cooperation with Prof. Alan Mikhail´s Anneliese-Maier-Award and an twin conference at Yale. A Brill volume is contracted for selected papers from this (´The Power of the Dispersed´), Please check the call for papers on H-net and here  https://www.hsozkult.de/event/id/termine-40134.

Establishment of a Database of Levant Merchants´ Book Possession and Households based on Inventories and related sources (DFG project ´Sachbeihilfe´, Geschäftszeichen Zw[ierlein] 164-7/1)


Sebastian Jeßegus, MA, PhD student (Bochum), entering data concerning book possession and book auctions (FU-Bestellscheine)

Patricia Scheuch, History student (Bamberg), entering data concerning Household inventories and material culture (FU-Bestellscheine)


Workshops and presentations done so far:

4th International Conference of the Sylvia Ioanou Foundation "Textualising the Experience - Digitalising the Text: Cyprus through Travel Literature (15th-18th century), 6-8 February 2019, contribution on  The Presence of European Travel Literature in the Libraries of European Merchants in the Levant

Conference Homepage

Presentation in the Oberseminar of Prof. Häberlein, January 24, 2019

At the occastion of the 50th anniversary of the journal Il pensiero politico, September 28, 2018, lecture on The Mediterranean Trading Empires in Early Modern Political Thought

Conference Homepage

Panel ´Close Distance. Social Segregation in Trading Empires and Colonies´, Historikertag Münster September 26, 2018

Room JO1, 9:00-11:00

Priv.Doz. / Prof. (w1 2008-2017) Dr. Cornel Zwierlein (Bamberg/Erfurt/Bochum) / Dr. Florian Wagner (Erfurt/GHI Berkeley)

Prof. Dr. Remco Raben (Utrecht/Amsterdam):  Moral communities in Dutch Asia: Trust and exclusion in colonial societies in the 18th century

Kelsey Champagne, PhD cand. (Yale/New Haven): Belief and Unbelonging: Catholicism in the British Atlantic, 1660-1714

Priv.Doz. / Prof. (w1 2008-2017) Dr. Cornel Zwierlein (Bamberg/Erfurt): Ignoring the Other´s Religion. Western Merchant Colonies in the Levant and the Eastern Churches, 1650-1800

Dr. Florian Wagner (Erfurt/GHI Berkeley): Cultural Relativism, Labor Migration, Racial Segregation in Colonial Africa (1890 to 1930s)

Report of the Presentation at Münster

Bamberg University, June 19


Workshop on Late Medieval and Early Modern Inventories

with Professor Daniel Smail (Late Medieval History, Harvard University)

           An intensive dialogue between theory and sources: what is an inventory? what are its forms and the organization of its narrative? how do the social, linguistic and cultural contexts shape its content? what are advantages and disadvantages of quantitative vs. qualitative forms of inventory analysis? what can we learn of inventories about culture, arts, reading culture, beyond the ´material culture´ of households?

Prof. Dr. Daniel Smail: Reading and Interpreting Household Inventories: A Methodological Essay

- Testing Theory on the Sources -

Prof. Dr. Mark Häberlein (Bamberg): A heritage contract with inventory by the Salzburg merchant Franz Anton Spängler from 1784

PD Dr. Magnus Ressel (Frankfurt): Inventories from eighteenth century Merchant records (Lyon, Venice)

PD Dr. Heinrich Lang (Bamberg): The household of a cardinal, Giovanni Salviati

Priv.Doz. / Prof. (w1 2008-2017) Dr. Cornel Zwierlein (Bamberg/Erfurt): Inventories of French and British eighteenth century merchants and consuls in the Mediterranean

This workshop is open to the public and is also linked with the Oberseminar of the chair of Early Modern History and Regional History, Bamberg.

Place: Am Kranen 14, Raum 00.03

96047 Bamberg

If interested to attend, please contact  cornel.zwierlein@uni-bamberg.de


June 20, 2018

Guest lecture at the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Daniel Smail (Harvard): Making Lists in Late Medieval Europe

Steinplatz 2, Seminarraum 706 b, 6. Etage, 

10.15-12.00 h