Prof.*/PD Dr. Cornel Zwierlein

In 2017, Cornel Zwierlein had nominated Alan Mikhail for the Anneliese-Maier-Award. As his German cooperation partner, he is working together with him on the realization of the 5year-project planned, its core being a travel-grant program started with a first call successfully in 2018, cf. the Yale homepage  

Workshop at the occasion of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation´s Anneliese-Maier Award Ceremony 2018 to 

Professor Dr. Alan Mikhail (Yale University)

Inauguration of the Humboldt Yale History network and its travel-grant program with an open-theme discussion on "The Early Modern World"

Berlin, September 11

Erik de Lange (Univ. Utrecht): A sea of threat. Piracy, security and empire in the Mediterranean of the early nineteenth century

Henning Schuler (EUI Florence): The Perception of the Levant by British and French Consuls at the close of the Eighteenth Century

Kathrin Kleemann (Rachel-Carson Center, LMU Munich): A Mist Connection: The Laki Fissure Eruption of 1783

Fredrik Kämpe (University of Stockholm): Convoys, Tributes, and Consuls – The Swedish Convoy Office and the Safety of Neutral Shipping in the Mediterranean 1724–1867

Sebastian Jeßegus (Univ. Bochum): Cusanus haereticus? The reception of the DCC in post-Tridentine Rome

PD Dr Heinrich Lang (University of Bamberg): Levantine Objects as seen through Florentine accounting practices in the 16th century

Dr Johann Petitjean (Univ. Poitiers): News and the shape of the Mediterranean, 16th-17th century

Dr Onur Idal (Univ. Hamburg): Izmir and Its Hinterland: An Environmental History of an Ottoman Port-City

Prof. Dr. Yavuz Köse (Univ. Hamburg): Title TBA

Prof./PD Dr. Cornel Zwierlein (Bamberg/Erfurt): Transcultural hybrid zones and/or Laboratories of Segregation? - European Merchant Colonies in the Levant


This workshop is not open to the public due to the occasion of the award ceremony, but in case of interest on some of the contents, please contact